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#393 Metalized Polyester Film Tapes

0.9 mil Metalized Polyester Film with brilliant, vibrant mirror-like finish; coated with an aggressive long lasting acrylic adhesive system. Tapes have excellent chemical and thermal stability. Silver can be qualified to meet Federal Specification #L-T-100B, Type II. 3 plastic core.

Reflective shielding; industrial & graphic arts; decorative trim, automotive trim, nameplates, electric appliances, advertising displays; suitable for micro film splicing; also can be used in photo sensing applications to detect splices and to facilitate roll changeovers- recommend test sampling first. Six (6) available colors: silver, gold, black, red, blue & green.

Physical Properties
Total Thickness
2.3 mil
Adhesion (to steel)
45 oz/in
Tensile strength
24.5 lbs/in
Elongation (at break)
Water vapor transmission rate
0.058 gm/100 in2/24 hr
up to 302°F

#393 Metalized Polyester Film Tapes

#393 Metalized Polyester Film Tapes
LENGTH 72 YD (66M)
Mil THICKNESS 2.3 mils
3M™ 850 (PDF*15kb)

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