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#200 Double Coated Cloth Tapes

A cotton cloth coated both sides with a high tack synthetic rubber adhesive with white plastic release liner. Provides firm adhesion to most surfaces. used for carpet installation on interior floors and stairs, on commercial aircraft. Multi purpose use for industrial mounting/holding. Also used as an excellent toupee tape.




Physical Properties
13 mils
75 oz/in.i
150 deg F

#202 Double Coated Cloth Tapes

Cotton Cloth. Permanent.
10 mil exclusive of liner. Cotton cloth substrate coated on both sides with an aggressive synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive. Adhesion: 91 oz/in. Tensile: 14 lbs/in. Elongation 5%. Temperature resistance: -10F to 158F. White cloth substrate, coated with white adhesive. Gold siliconized paper release liner. Instant tack on rough surfaces. Carpet laying, fixing & splicing of textiles, securing polyethylene film to brick & cinder block walls, other general mounting on rough or fibrous surfaces. Provides additional support during prepping applications of abatement areas. 3 neutral core/carton.

#202 Double Coated Cloth Tapes
LENGTH 25 YD (23M)

#204 Double Coated Cloth Tapes

Exhibition Carpet Tape. Removable. 10.4 mil exclusive of liner. A 40 mesh cotton/polyester blend cloth coated on both sides, moderate tack hot melt rubber based adhesive system. 3.2 mil Blue silicone coated polyethylene release liner allows for easy removal. Hand Tearable. Adhesion to steel: 40.2 oz/in. Tensile: 14 lbs/in. Elongation: 30%. Temperature resistance: 140F. Used for industrial and commercial carpet hold-down and other general purpose applications. It is used primarily in the convention/trade show industry, as it will leave little to no adhesive resolve upon removal from the substrate. Natural color cloth. 3 neutral core/carton.

#204 Double Coated Cloth Tapes
THICKNESS 10.4 mils.
LENGTH 25 YD (23M)

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