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Double Coated Paper Tape

Tissue 4.4 mil. exclusive of liner. 1.2 mil white, non-woven tissue carrier coated on both sides with a solvent based acrylic adhesive, wound on a siliconized 90 gr. gold glassine paper release liner. It exhibits good permanent adhesive strength as well as good static and dynamic shear properties on most surfaces, even when heat is applied. No plasticizer migration on most surfaces. Perfect for splicing of plastic film, paper and foil of industrial grade. Excellent corrugators’ splicing tape. Can also be used for general holding, joining, attaching, and laminating applications. Peel adhesion: 74 oz/in. Temperature resistance: 24 hours @ 176°F. Short term range: -4°F to 248°F . 3” neutral core/carton.

232T Double Coated Paper Tape

#232T Double Coated Paper Tape
THICKNESS 4.4 mils
LENGTH 36 YD (33M) & 60 YD (55M)

233T Double Coated Paper Tape

Tissue 6.0 mil(0.15mm) exclusive of liner. 0.5mil non-woven tissue coated on both sides with an aggressive, modified solvent free water based acrylic adhesive, wound on a 50# white glassine release liner. Provides a strong durable bond with good dynamic and static shear strength on most surfaces. Excellent adhesion to non-polar PE films and foams which are difficult surfaces to splice or laminate. Very resistant to humidity and weather when bonded. Very good temperature, UV, and aging resistance; however, tape exhibits moderate resistance against solvents. Superior conformability to irregular surfaces due to its heavy adhesive coat weight. Designed for heavy-duty splicing and permanent holding, with excellent performance on smooth or rough surfaces. Used for core start-ups, splicing of heavy webs such as wallpaper, holding, joining, attaching and mounting. Adhesion: 84 oz/in. Temperature resistance: 84 oz/in to 110 oz/in neutral core/carton.

#233T Double Coated Paper Tape
LENGTH 36 Yd(33M) & 60 Yd(55M)

250 Double Coated Paper Tape

Crepe Paper 7.0 mil (10.2 mil with liner). 5 mil high quality saturated crepe paper, coated on both sides with a high tack, high shear hot melt rubber adhesive, wound on a 3.2 mil super calendared, white siliconized paper liner. Used for core start-ups, splicing, holding, joining, attaching, mounting & laminating where high shear & high tack are required. Works well on irregular surfaces; holding wood cuts & dies; mounting rubber or plastic printing plates. Do NOT laminate/bond to materials containing migrating plasticizers. Adhesion: 100 oz/in. Holding power: 10,000 minutes. Tensile: 21 lbs/in. Elongation: 7%. Application temp: 60°F to 120°F. Temp. range: -5°F to 180°F. 3” neutral core/carton.

250 Double Coated Paper Tape
LENGTH 36 Yd(33M) & 60 Yd(55M)

251 Double Coated Paper Tape

Flatback Paper 7.0 mil (12 mil with liner). Flatback paper coated on both sides with a high shear/aggressive solvent based natural rubber resin adhesive system that bonds well to almost any surface. White crepe paper liner allows for both automatic & hand dispensing applications. Conforms well to rough & irregular surfaces. Excellent for installation of golf club grips. Adhesion: 52 oz/in. Quick stick: 20 oz/in. Unwind: 11 oz/in. Tensile: 34 lbs/in. Elongation: 3%. Mil spec.: A-A- 180B, Type II, Class A (Replaces UU-T-91). 3” Neutral core/carton.

251 Double Coated Paper Tape
LENGTH 36 Yd(33M) & 60 Yd(55M)
THICKNESS 7.0 mils

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