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Security/Printed/Shipping Tapes:

Description: A unique carton sealing tape that leaves legend “OPENED VOID” deposited on the box or container upon removal, discouraging tampering with and theft of the contents of the sealed cartons. Used in applications where high security is critical: pharmaceuticals, chemical & medical equipment, crime evidence & independent labs, currency handlers, money bags, credit card/security bags, shipping and cargo handlers, transportation in food items; and products of high cost and/or high demand, such as electronics, clothing and sporting goods. Not suitable for recycled cartons. Allow at least 6 hours before removing tape to reveal legend. Backing: Polyester. Adhesive: Acrylic. Total Thickness: 3.9mil. Adhesion: 35 oz/inch.

16 Stock Ink Colors:
White, Process Blue, Teal 321, Black, Navy 281, Pantone Purple, Red 485, Yellow 102, Pantone Violet, Red 186, Green 347, Maroon 201, Orange 021, Reflex Blue, Brown 469, Gold 132



Description: Solvent based adhesives recommended for cold temperature applications and recycled content boxes.




Description: Barricade Tapes Non-adhesive Polyethylene film.





Description: All style envelopes may be combined for best pricing. Envelopes are not assortable with tape for pricing. All packed and priced 1000 per case. Envelopes printed black and orange.



Description: Polypropylene. Orange ink border on clear 2 mil film. Acrylic Adhesive. Peel adhesion: 32 oz/in. 500 pouches per roll/8 rolls per case.




Shipping Tapes:

Description: Clear & brown, available thickness: 1.6 mils, 1.8 mils, 2.0 mils, 3.2 mils




Description: NATURAL RUBBER BASED ADHESIVE (recommended for recycled cartons and cold temperature application).

Clear & Brown, available thickness: 1.8 mils, 2.0 mils, 2.5 mils.



Description: Available Shiny Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Purple. Available thickness: 2.0 mils, 2.6 mils




Description: Crystal Clear to the core. Available thickness: 2.2 mils, 2.7 mils, 3.6 mils.





Description: Available thickness: 2.2 mils, 2.4 mils, 2.5 mils. Assorted colors available.





Description: Available thickness: 2.2 mils, 2.4 mils Available colors: Tan, Clear, White, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Red, Yellow.




Description:Label Protection Tape available thickness: 1.7 mils, 2.0 mils. Available in Clear & Crystal Clear



Description: For packaging, sealing, and splicing. 3.0 mil total. Heavy-duty Polyester Film. Highest quality/performance packaging/splicing tape. Extremely aggressive h1.6 mil (0.04mm). 23 micron film. 17 micron Rohm & Haas Acrylic Water Based Adhesive. Tensile: 15 lbs/in. Adhesion to steel: 19 oz/in. Elongation: 90%, 3” ID core.ot melt rubber based adhesive insures instant holding power and provides a quick reliable seal when used for strip closure of regular slotted containers, overlap sealing, and fiber drum sealing. Adhesion: 55 oz/in. Tensile: 60 lbs/in. Elongation: 100%. Temperature resistance: -35°F to 130°F. Application temperature: 60°F. 3” neutral core/carton.


Description: Edge Reinforced Tape for Tabbing.
Available Thickness: 1.6 mils, 2.0 mils
Available Colors: Clear & Gold.




Masking /Paper Tapes:

Description:Crepe Paper Masking Tapes available: General Purpose, Mid-Grade Automotive, High Temp Automotive.





Description: Saturated crepe paper backing, rubber adhesive. The adhesive is formulated for easy release and good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Designed for color coding for identification or differentiation. Not printable. Conformable to many irregular surfaces. Suitable for bundling, marking of defective parts or materials, produce marking, color coding, and polybag sealing.


Description: Painter’s Grade Masking tape with a specially formulated Synthetic Rubber Based Adhesive system that provides clean removal characteristics and UV resistance - up to 10 days of outdoor exposure. Special characteristic of the adhesive system is that the peel adhesion does not increase with time, allowing for removal off a wide variety of surfaces without surface damage. Rolls are individually pillow wrapped



Description: Bright colorful flatback papers coated with a high performance natural rubber resin adhesive. The flat surface of the tape (vs. creped paper) results in high quality printing and the easy unwind characteristic allows for high speed printing. Tape exhibits outstanding face to face bond strength.



Description: Natural color kraft flatback paper coated with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive system. Good for carton sealing applications, moderate demand splicing applications, tabbing and/or core starting. May be used in picture framing applications to seal back of frame/artwork due to its ability to stick to its own backing.



Description: An economical, quick, sure sealing, pressure sensitive flatback tape which can increase packaging line efficiency. This tape offers a positive attractive seal with excellent adhesion to discourage pilfering. Performs well under a wide temperature range, through a wide range of humidity conditions and can be used on all types of cartons. TSI 168S conforms to Federal Spec. PPP-T-76B. Adhesion: 75 oz/in. Tensile: 75 lbs/in. Thickness: 7.0 mils



Description: Reinforced Economy grade 3-way reinforced carton sealing paper tape. Natural kraft paper color. Laminated with non-asphaltic adhesive








Description: 75 Gauge Cast Machine Wrap,
80 Gauge Stretch Banding,
80 Gauge Hand Wrap, 80 Gauge Hand Wrap,
Black, 80 Gauge Hand Wrap with extended handle,
100 Gauge Hand Wrap,
100 Gauge Hand Wrap. Black,
120 Gauge Hand Wrap,
120 Gauge Stretch Banding

Strapping Tapes

Description: Uni-Direction Filament Tapes available in100# tensile, 130# tensile, 200# tensile, 330# tensile. Bi-directional filament with 220# tensile.




Description: Very high tensile strength glass reinforced weather and UV resistant filament tape with high tack adhesive.



Description: Tensilized polypropylene strapping tapes available in 2.8 mil, 97# Tensile; 4.0 mils, 140# Tensile; 4.5 mils, 155# Tensile; 4.6 mils, 163# Tensile.



Industrial Film and Cloth Tapes

Description: Low density polyethylene film tape. Synthetic rubber based adhesive. Its tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance. Low tack adhesive for surface protection applications. Clean removal off most surfaces. Should be tested before ordering. 3” neutral core.


Description: This tape was developed for weather resistant applications. It is excellent for outdoor usage and can hold up for very long periods of time or where severe exposure applications are required. Adhesion: 50 oz/in. Adhesive: acrylic. Thickness: 3.5 mils



Description: This is a smooth surfaced film consisting of a thermoformable, elastomeric, polyurethane plastic. It is coated with an aggressive rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. Also available with a high performance acrylic adhesive. The intended use is for protection against chafing, erosion, or abrasion of critical surfaces in a wide variety of areas. Available thickness: 9 mils & 14 mils.



Description: This tape provides all weather protection. A black plastic film, it conforms readily to irregular surfaces. Has an excellent stain resistance. Removes cleanly and quickly. Resists hot and cold weathering over two years. Meets Spec: MIL-T-22085C and PPP-T-0075 (GSA-FSS) Type II. Adhesive: Acrylic or Rubber. Thickness: 5.5 mils. Adhesion: 40 oz/in.



Description: Polyethylene-coated cloth duct tape, natural rubber adhesive. General purpose for bundling, seaming, vinyl repair and patching. Conforms well to irregular surfaces. Will not twist or curl during application.




Description: This product is made from a durable vinyl coating which is weather resistant, scuff resistant, flexible and easy to clean. It is also ultraviolet resistant, vapor proof, and printable. Used in bookbinding, to secure over-wrap on cold insulation as well as for color coding where wear is a problem. Available colors: white, black, yellow, green, red, blue, gray, brown. Thickness: 12 mils. Adhesion: 48 lbs/in.



Description: A high count uncoated cloth tape with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. Used for finger protection, holding, splicing, bundling. Available lengths 30 and 60 yards. Colors: white, red, green, black. Thickness: 12 mils. Adhesion: 45 oz/in.



Description: A flame retardant coated cloth tape. Used for flame retardant duct sealing. Adhesive: Rubber. Thickness: 12 mils. Adhesion: 50 oz/in.




Surface Protection Film Tapes

Description: High performing tape for the protection of transparent surfaces, TSI # 5025 Glass Protec is a premium ultra clear tape to protect surfaces with a focus on glass protection. The excellent transparency, the resistance against environmental influences and the perfect handling properties position TSI Glass Protec as the leading product for this application.



Description: A complete line of LDPE film product specifically designed to provide surface protection under difficult applications. The custom formulated acrylic adhesion system offers a product with minimal adhesion buildup even during extended application.



Description: BlueProtec’s plasticized PVC film is specifically designed to provide residue free surface protection under the most demanding applications. The specially formulated acrylic adhesive system offers extended UV weather-ability, temperature and abrasive resistance. Blue transparent/see through construction permits both light transmission as well as final inspection. A maximum all purpose film with “No Substitutes”. Ideal for such applications as window / casing protection from spills and sprays during building construction using concrete, mortar, stucco EIFS and paint. The PVC film also provides surface protection for applications including fabrication, shipping and outdoor storage of polished, painted and mill finished metals, as well as smooth and textured plastics.

Description: A tough polyethylene film specifically designed for carpet protection from various type of soiling. Custom formulated adhesive systems offers excellent adhesion to most types of carpeting and can be kept in place for up to 45 days. All rolls are reverse wound on easy to handle 2” cores for easy one person Application. Just begin, apply where desired and roll out like a carpet.


Description: Dirt grabbing 30 layer mat lifts dirt and debris from shoes and wheels, but will not leave a residue. Each mat contains 30 sheets of face-up adhesive that collects dirt and debris from shoes, wheels, paws, or anything. Peel the layer away to reveal the next clean layer.



Description: 3M ScotchPad Carry Handles 8325 and 8326 are made of durable plastic strips with adhesive at each ends. The ScotchPad Carry Handle 8325 is available with standard white portion material only. The ScotchPad Custom Carry Handles 8325 is available with custom printed or colored carry portion material. It is easy to create a convenient looped handle when the ends are attached to both sides of a box or package.



Description: 3M ScotchPad Carry Handles 8325 and 8326 are made of durable plastic strips with adhesive at each ends. The ScotchPad Carry Handle 8325 is available with standard white portion material only. The ScotchPad Custom Carry Handles 8325 is available with custom printed or colored carry portion material. It is easy to create a convenient looped handle when the ends are attached to both sides of a box or package.



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