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Electrical Tapes
UHMW/Teflon/Glass Cloth Tapes:
UHMW Polyethylene Tapes
Teflon (Skived PTFE Film) Tapes
Teflon Coated Glass Fabric Tapes
Anti-Slip Tape (Printer’s Friend) Smooth Version
Roller Covering Tape (Dimple Version)
High Temperature Tapes:
Kapton Polymide Tapes
Double Coated Kapton Polymide Tape
Glass Cloth Thermal Spray Masking Tapes
Glass Cloth Insulation Tape /
Rubber Thermosetting Adhesive Tape
Polyester Splicing & Printed Circuit Board Tapes
Fabric/Vinyl/Plastic Tapes:
Friction Tape
Pipe Thread Sealing Tapes
Vinyl Electrical Insulation Tapes
Heavy Duty SPVC Vinyl Tapes
Vinyl Electroplating Tape
Foil Tapes:
Aluminum Foil Tapes (with liner)
Aluminum Foil Tapes (without liner)
Aluminum Foil/Scrim/Kraft Tapes
Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape
Copper Foil Tapes
Lead Foil Tapes

UHMW/Teflon/Glass Cloth Tapes:

Description: Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene Tape. 5 mil, 10 mil, and 20 mil with an aggressive Acrylic adhesive. Its high chemical and abrasion resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction makes this a versatile engineering material for many severe service applications. Materials slide freely over tape surface with no slip/stick tendency. High impact strength and shock absorbing properties. Outwears TeflonTM many times and is a good replacement when high temperature resistance is not a requirement. Rub strips on conveyors, bearings and sliding surfaces, chutes and hopper liners, dead plates, wear pads, guide rails, furniture and drawer slides. Used primarily in automotive and mechanical applications. UHMW-705 & 710 meets automotive specs: Chrysler MS-CH612, Ford ESB-M3G123-B, GM 6419M. UHMW-705 & 710 are wound on a 4 mil white paper liner; UHMW-720 is wound on a blue poly liner. 3” plastic core. FILM COLOR: Natural transparent.


Description: Pure skived TeflonTM (PTFE) with a high temp. silicone adhesive. Used in electrical applications such as harness/coil wraps & separators, transformers and slot liners where good insulation and heat resistance are required. Also used in mechanical applications such as heat sealing bars & jaws, labeling machine pressure pads, chute liners, anti-friction devices, bearings, forming dies, aircraft mold release & guide rails where high temperature, maximum slip and lubricity are required. *TSI# 721 is a high density, TENSILIZED skived PTFE film which provides higher tensile strength, lower elongation and higher dielectric strength than regular skived film (primarily used for electrical applications listed above & for roll protection in flat die extrusion). High elongation of TSI# 722 permits tight wrapping; conforms to sharp bends/irregular surfaces. Meets MIL-I-23594C, type 1, Revised Spec. AA 59474. 3” plastic core.


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Description: Teflon™ impregnated fiverlass cloth, consiting of warp and fill yarns, and coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive. Excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical properties. Used as a primary insulation in a variety of electrical equipment and heat sealing bars, chute liners, gaskets, bearing surfaces, tabletop covers, guide rails and roll covers. Low friction surface; abrasion resistant. Product comes standard with liner. Self-wound is optional at no additional cost (specify “no liner” by adding “SW” to product number, e.g. 752SW). TeflonTM coated glass fabrics (without adhesive) are also available (specify by adding “NA” to product number, e.g. 751NA). Roll size of “NA”: 37-1/2” wide x 36 yd or 18 yd lengths. Call for pricing. 1/2” AND 3/4” WIDE ROLLS MUST BE SELF WOUND. Operating temperature range: -100°F to +500°F (-73°C to +260°C). 3” plastic core.


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Description: Aids even distribution of material. To reduce wrinkles and slipping on converting and printing equipment rollers. Surface has anti slip and anti adhesive properties.




Description: The Tape consists of a silicone rubber coating on a polyester film with a rubber adhesive and silicone coated paper liner. TSI 770 has the unique combination of properties of being a release surface while maintaining a high coefficient of friction. When used to cover rollers used in web processing, the release surface allows the material to pass easily over the rollers while still driving and controlling the web.


High Temperature Tapes

Description: Wave Solder/Hot Air Leveling Tape 1 mil Electrical Grade KaptonTM POLYIMIDE film coated with a high performance silicone adhesive. Total thickness: 2.6 mil (0.065mm). Thin and conformable, with outstanding tear and abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures. Adhesive will thermoset to increase adhesion values. Leaves minimal residue when removed after manufacturing process; reduces clean-up time and minimizes rejects. Permits observation of board during processing. Excellent resistance to acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining, water immersion. Protects gold contacts from molten solder during hot air wave solder leveling process. UL510 approved for flame retardance. Formulated to meet Mil spec: MIL-P-46112B. 3” plastic core.


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Description:Double Coated Kapton Polymide Tape offers optimum performance in electrical and thermal insulation with a continuous service temperature range of -100 deg F to 500 deg F (-73 deg C to 260 deg C) with short term, intermitten service to 600 deg F (315 deg C). The crosslinked adhesive is well anchored to the polymide film to eliminate squeeze-out and/or legging. It provided clean removal on high temperature masking applications. The double coating of the polymide film interlayer allows the tape to be used in high applications as a double faced transfer adhesive. One side of the silicone PSA has been formulated with high tack characteristics to provide quick secure attachment. The other side has standard silicone PSA tack and peel properties.


Description: Electrical Grade Glass Cloth with Silicone Adhesive. Conformable; chemical and solvent resistant; printable. Designed for use in strategic area masking of areas in thermal spray/plasma spray applications. Used for insulation of electrical apparatus, for sealing and bundling of non-electrical applications where flame retardancy or high heat resistance is required; coil armor wrap. Adhesion: 30 oz/in.


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Description: This is a high temperature glass cloth with a pre-cured adhesive system. Has excellent solvent and heat resistance, The unique properties of this system allows TSI’s #775 to be used where processing conditions, such as pre-bake and varnish impregnation cause rubber base systems to fail. Conforms to Gov’t Specs: MIL-T-4053, MIL-I-15126F, Class 155 deg C. Thickness” 8 mils. Adhesion: 65 oz/in/


Description: Polyester film coated with a pre-cured solvent resistant electrical grade acrylic adhesive. Tape thickness: 2.4 mils. Backing thickness: 1.0 mil. Tensile strength: 24 lbs./in. Elongation: 100%. Adhesion: 35 oz./in. Dielectric strength: 5,000 volts. Excellent resistance to solvents, heat & chemicals. Used for component packaging & electrical insulation, edge reinforcement on books, webs, etc. Insulation class: 130°C. Exhibits high resistance to abrasives, acids, oils, aging, staining and water immersion. Temperature up to 310°F. 3” plastic core.


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Fabric/Vinyl/Plastic Tapes

Description: 15 mil (0.38mm) Friction Tape - Black Cotton Cloth with non-corrosive Rubber Resin Adhesive. Its cloth backing makes this tape easily hand-tearable and extremely conformable. Highly resistant to humidity and galvanic corrosion. Holds tightly on rough and irregular surfaces, its adhesive system will not dry out. Used for insulation and to protect industrial harnesses and electrical wires from physical damage caused by friction, for over wrapping low voltage splices and general electrical maintenance jobs. Dielectric strength: 1,000 V. Insulation class: 176°F. Tensile strength: 42 lbs/in. Elongation: 8%. Meets ASTM 4514-85. Individually cello-wrapped (no label) - 10 rolls per tube sleeve. 11/2” (38 mm) neutral core.


Description: 100% Virgin Teflon. White film in labeled plastic spool/box. Lubricates joints, making them easy to assemble for a leak proof seal. Mil spec T-27730A. Country of origin: China. Meets JISK (Japan) Standards. Boxes of 1000 contain 10 cartons of 100.



Description: Electrical Insulation Tape, Natural Rubber adhesive. For wire and cable insulation, bundling, primary splice insulation at no more than 600V. Non-flame retardant. Adhesion: 16.4 oz/in. Voltage break-down: 8KV. Tensile: 14.8 lb/in. Elongation: 180%. Temp. resistance: 176° F (80° C). Highlighted sizes are cello-wrapped (no label) - 10 rolls/tube sleeve. Other sizes are slit to order, and are bulk-packed, separated by silicone sheets. 11/2” (38.1mm) UL listed core.



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Description: Heavy-duty SPVC Pipe Wrap/Surface Protection Tapes are highly resistant to sun, water, oil, acids, alkalies and corrosive chemicals. Bacteria and fungus resistant. Abrasion resistant. Provides electrical protection. Protects pipe joints, conduit couplings for overhead or direct buried applications. Application temperature: 32°F. Water absorption rate (maximum): 0.290 (25°C, 24 hours).



Description: Extremely conformable, durable and highly resistant to oil, acid, alkalines and corrosive chemicals. Excellent adhesion to metals and plastics. Used as a masking tape in electroplating operations. Designed for use with PCB terminal zone contacts to prevent penetration of chemicals during plating process; as a protection tape for shot peening applications. Meets government specification H-H-T-0025, Amendment 2. COLOR: Yellow. 3” core/carton.



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Foil Tapes

Description: Economical aluminum foil tape for moderate demand applications. 1.2 mil dead soft aluminum foil, coated with an aggressive hot melt synthetic rubber adhesive; removable release liner. Malleable foil conforms well to irregular surfaces. Tape thickness: 2.8 mils. Peel adhesion: 90 oz/in. Tensile: 11 lb/in. Elongation: 3%. Service temperature range -4°F to 176°F. 3” neutral core.



Description: High quality flame-resistance adhesive with extremely aggressive adhesion and holding power offers reliable and durable Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing joints and seams sealing in HVAC ductwork application. Malleable foil coforms well to irregular & curved surfaces and provides excellent reflection of both heat & light. Excellent vapor barrier due to the low moisture vapor transmission rate.



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Description: Dead soft aluminum foil / 3-way fiberglass scrim / paper carrier coated with aggressive adhesive carried on a 3.2 mil removable paper release liner. Malleable foil conforms well to irregular and curved surfaces to maximize adhesive contact and provide quick, positive grab to the insulation surface. Used as a closure system for fiberglass and mineral wool insulation systems that are faced with foil, to seal seams and joints on aluminum faced fiberglass duct board, and to provide a vapor barrier that assures the integrity of the system. 3” neutral core.



Description: 7.6 mil - A laminate of dead soft Aluminum Foil and Glass Cloth. The glass cloth side is coated with a transparent high temperature silicone adhesive. Conformable, heat resistant and highly reflective. Withstands moderate grit blasting. Performs as a plasma or flame spray masking tape. Non-corrosive; flame retardant (will not burn under open flame exposure). Used as a masking tape in plasma spray applications. Prevents build-up of liquid metal on surfaces that must be protected. Used for seaming & repair of heat and flame barrier curtains; protecting/shielding various missile and aircraft components such as control cables, harnesses, fuel lines, etc; securing thermal insulation on heating and ventilation ducts. Adhesion: 35 oz/in. Tensile strength: 77 lbs/in width. Elongation: 11%. Sustained temperature resistance: -94°F to 500°F. Formulated to meet Gov’t. spec MIL-T-83284. Color: Silver. 3” plastic core.


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Description: Provides excellent solderability and conformity. Its aggressive acrylic adhesive system creates a superior bond. 60# release liner. Used for RFI/EMI shielding applications in the electrical/electronics industry. Annealed and non-tarnishing. Bright Copper color. CFL-5CA is coated with an acrylic adhesive which is uniformly dispersed with conductive spheres to provide a very low rate of electrical resistance through the tape. Electrical resistance: 0.003 Ohms/in2.


Description: 100% pure lead foil which is highly malleable and can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. Coated with a specially designed aggressive removable acrylic adhesive system which is weather, solvent and heat resistant. 3” neutral core.



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