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High Temperature Tapes:

775 Glass Cloth Insulation Tape /
Rubber Thermosetting Adhesive Tape

This is a high temperature glass cloth with a pre-cured adhesive system. Has excellent solvent and heat resistance, The unique properties of this system allows TSI's #775 to be used where processing conditions, such as pre-bake and varnish impregnation cause rubber base systems to fail. Conforms to Gov't Specs: MIL-T-4053, MIL-I-15126F, Class 155 deg C. Thickness" 8 mils. Adhesion: 65 oz/in/


775 Glass Cloth Insulation Tape /
Rubber Thermosetting Adhesive Tape 60 YD
1/2"       (12.7mm)
3/4"       (19.0mm)
1"       (25.4mm)
36 or 48
1.5"       (38.1mm)
2"       (50.8mm)
18 or 24
3"       (76.2mm)

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