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High Temperature Tapes:

720 Double Coated Kapton Polymide Tape

720 Double Coated Kapton Polymide Tape offers optimum performance in electrical and thermal insulation with a continuous service temperature range of -100 deg F to 500 deg F (-73 deg C to 260 deg C) with short term, intermitten service to 600 deg F (315 deg C). The crosslinked adhesive is well anchored to the polymide film to eliminate squeeze-out and/or legging. It provided clean removal on high temperature masking applications. The double coating of the polymide film interlayer allows the tape to be used in high applications as a double faced transfer adhesive. One side of the silicone PSA has been formulated with high tack characteristics to provide quick secure attachment. The other side has standard silicone PSA tack and peel properties.

Splicing Application
High temperature splicing and automotive interior applications. Bonding a variety of substrates where elevated temperatures are a critical consideration.

Technical Data
One mil polymide with 2 mils standard transparent silicone PSA one side & 2 mils high tack transparent PSA on the other side.
Tack: 16 oz/in / 41 oz/in
Peel; 35 oz/in. / 50 oz/in.
S.A.F.T.: > 500 deg F

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